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Hello and welcome to the Life Iz blog. Since I just recently discovered what a blog actually is and how it all works, we are going to learn together! It will be something like this: a fun place to see some of our favorite images from our most recent sessions and get ideas for your own; a place to share our favorite finds for mommies, daddies and children; a place where you can get to know me and the Life Iz staff; and a place to share what I've learned during my first years as a parent because maybe it will be helpful for all of you, or maybe it will just make you laugh and remember... and be easier on yourself. Love, Liz

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mother's Day Card

I know it’s a little late to share a Mother’s Day card, but I only recently got my father’s permission to share it. You see, he’s not usually one to write much on a greeting card. You’re lucky if he remembers to sign his name in there. Thankfully, this year he couldn’t find the perfect Hallmark ditty, so he found a blank card he liked and filled it in himself. Let fathers everywhere take a cue from my dad on this one for next year: give the trusty Hallmark cards a rest and write your own tribute to the mother of your children. It brought tears to my mom’s eyes.

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Briana said...

Totally adorable :)