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Hello and welcome to the Life Iz blog. Since I just recently discovered what a blog actually is and how it all works, we are going to learn together! It will be something like this: a fun place to see some of our favorite images from our most recent sessions and get ideas for your own; a place to share our favorite finds for mommies, daddies and children; a place where you can get to know me and the Life Iz staff; and a place to share what I've learned during my first years as a parent because maybe it will be helpful for all of you, or maybe it will just make you laugh and remember... and be easier on yourself. Love, Liz

Friday, May 9, 2008

Expecting Eli...

Photos captured by the beautiful Jennifer Carrillo of Bella Rosa Photography.

I met Jen several years ago when she was expecting her first daughter, Juliana, and I immediately adored her warm and genuine personality. I had the privilege and honor of capturing both Juliana’s birth and her little sister Bella’s entrance into the world. When I saw Jen’s wedding photography, I was wildly impressed; her warmth really comes through in her artful work. I knew I had found my girl. I just needed to find the guy… you know, to marry. Three years later, after first meeting Jen, I did. And yes, the photos from the wedding are everything I could have wanted and more. So are these!

Seven and a half months ago my husband Marty and I learned that we were going to become parents. When I called Marty at work to confirm the news, he had to take several walks outside because he couldn’t breathe… the excitement was overwhelming for both of us. When we found out we were expecting a boy 16 weeks into the pregnancy (Patience is not a virtue of mine) we knew his name without having to think twice. You see, Marty and I met six years ago in a creative writing short story class in which I wrote a story entitled "Eli", about becoming a mother. The week after I read it to the class, Marty brought in a story entitled "Before", about a woman expecting her first child. He read it in the The New Yorker many years earlier and searched on microfilm in the basement of a library to find a copy of it because my story reminded him of it so much and possibly because he was looking for a reason to talk to me. Ironically, like myself, in the story "Before" the soon-to-be mother is thrilled but there is also a strong feeling of fear, of being the first amongst her girlfriends to become a mom… how exactly would all of this change her life, her place in the world… what might she learn along the way?

Thankfully I have been blessed with the opportunity to observe brand new parents learning the ropes… tired eyes that droop with immense love and pride. Clients always ask me (with smirks on their faces) “Does capturing all of these births and being a witness to the first weeks of parenthood make you want to do it less yourself?” In other words, “Have you seen too much?” I always reply, “No, it makes me want it more.” Not that I look forward to the exhaustion, the constant needs of a little being, the desperate act of trying to strike the perfect balance of family, work, play, and what’s that other one… oh yeah, alone time. I have learned, and continue to learn from all of you that whatever the sacrifice… the stretch marks and the dark circles are worth it. My parents made parenting look fun… so do all of you! Did any one see Baby Mama? Well, I feel a quote from that movie coming on:

Caroline: “Is that chocolate or poop? Chocolate or poop? (she licks her child’s dirty hand) Chocolate!”

Kate: “What if that had been poop?”

Caroline: Parenting. It’s messy, but fun.”

I can’t wait! (Any day now)

The following are pages from a small album that the girls designed for me using some of our favorite images from my session with Jennifer.

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